Departamento de operaciones especiales



This is a detailed LoA (Letter Of Agreement) Of IVAO-VE SO Department.


The Operational air Traffic (OAT) performing Special Operations flights within SVZM FIR must adhere to the following norms and rules:



  • All Special Operations flights inside Venezuela FIR must comply with IVAO R&R and Special Operation HQ directives.


  • All Special Operations flights must be in the Flight Plan type “M” (Military) or “X” (Special) flight.


  • All Special Operations flights must have in the Flight Plan REMARK section a plain description of the intentions (Example RMK/training flight).




  • Low flying is permitted within suitable Military Training Areas (suitable restricted, prohibited or dangerous areas as shown in charts).


  • Practice Interception is allowed within SVZM FIR prior ATC clearance or coordination between all participants (approval of the intercepted pilot is mandatory).


  • Any OAT not performing Special Operations flights must adhere to GAT rules of Venezuela FIR.




-The maximum speed in all airspace within SVZM FIR from ground up to 10000’ (or FL100) is 300KIAS for all aircraft performing regular special operations (OAT); always in good visual conditions to perform visual separation with general air traffic (GAT).


But Between Civil TMA (details here: the speed is restricted to 250KIAS to avoid conflicts with GAT performing VFR or IFR departure/approach in such TMA.


-In all airspace within SVZM FIR from 10000’ (or FL100) to FL290 the maximum speed is 350KIAS.


- In all airspace within SVZM FIR from FL290 to unlimited ceiling the maximum speed is below MACH1.0.


-In military Prohibited, Restricted and Danger Areas marked within SVFM FIR, maximum speed is below Mach 1.0 inside the area. If an active ATC has responsibility over one of these area, may declare a TRA/TSA and may issue supersonic clearance of OAT within those areas.


-In Restricted Area SVR2538: Supersonic flights may be performed without ATC Clearance. OATs using this area are responsible for adequate separation from GAT.


-Supersonic flights within Venezuela FIR outside Military Prohibited, Restricted and Danger Areas only approved by SVZM_M_CTR (Maiquetia Control Militar).


For additional information about performing SO flights in Venezuela airspace: