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International Virtual Aviation Organisation


The International Virtual Aviation Organisation (IVAO) was created in 1998 as a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing free service to aviation enthusiasts.We enjoyed participating in this simulated flight across the world, as well as provide traffic control service.

The main objective of IVAO is to provide an environment of quality and realism to the flight simulation community, this includes a real-time system for online operations, a database with information about aviation, organizing training and online events. On this website you will find many resources to fully enjoy the simulation. If you have any questions please contact us via forum or email to any member of our staff and as soon as possible we will respond.



Noticias e Informacion

Nuevo servidor de Discord - IVAO VE

El Staff de IVAO Venezuela se complace en compartirles esta excelente noticia. A partir del dia de hoy, nuestra division cuenta con su propio servidor de Discord!

Nuestro servidor cuenta con diferentes canales de voz y texto debidamente identificados, en donde podras compartir imagenes, hacer grupos de vuelos, tener un INTERCOM entre ATCs online, recibir soporte sobre algun problema en IVAO, simulador y mucho mas!

Para descargar Discord: https://discordapp.com/download
Invitacio para el servidor de IVAO VE: https://discord.gg/9Z3jc6M


Puesto Vacante VE-AWM

Estimados miembros,

En nombre del staff de IVAO Venezuela nos gustaría anunciar la apertura de la convocatoria para el puesto Venezuela Assistant Webmaster

Para mas informacion:  Click aquí





ATC Race

VID Name Total Time
310764 Jesus Castillo 06:17:00
368335 Heruan Escalona 18:37:00
560379 Albert Rojas 02:05:00
566807 Samuel Picos 10:08:00


Online ATC

No ATC Online

Online Pilots




SVMG // Margarita Del Caribe


SVCU // Cumana
There are 45 ATC and 655 Pilots connected to IVAO.